I know I’m not alone on this one. I travel a lot, and I always hated when my password expired while I was traveling, but I wasn’t notified. Sure, there is a notification built into Windows, but that only shows up as a pop-up on your computer when you’re logged in to the corporate network. What about road warriors who use a VPN or remote applications? It’s very frustrating when passwords expire and you’re in a remote location.

To eliminate this problem, why not help users out by giving them notifications through other means, not just a pop-up on their computer? We can do that! Our solution gives you two of the best possible options for mobile, or even in-house, users.

Notify mobile users before their domain passwords expire via SMS and email.
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ADSelfService Plus provides both SMS and email options for notifying users when their password is going to expire. As you can see in Figure 1, the notification method is just one of many powerful options.

notifying mobile users figure 1

Figure 1. ADSelfService Plus provides SMS and email notifications for expiring passwords.

With customized notifications, you can clearly communicate to each user when passwords will expire. You can also set periodic, follow-up notifications to remind those users who get too busy and forget to change their password after the first notification.

To try this option in your environment for free, you can download and install ADSelfService Plus for free here.

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