Active Directory Object LDAP Syntax

A typical day​ of an Active Directory administrator entails working within a tool, such as Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), Active Directory Sites and Services...

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Active Directory Delegation: It Does Not Need to Be Hard!

One of the most important and powerful reasons that organizations consider Active Directory is the fact that delegation is built into the product. Windows NT...

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Safely Delegating Password Reset Capability in Active Directory

I have been preaching for years about how powerful Active Directory is in the ability to delegate control over certain tasks and certain objects in...

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The Best Way to Organize and Manage AD Groups


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Automating Inactive User Controls

With so many compliance regulations requiring controls over inactive users, it is important to ensure that these user accounts in Active Directory are correctly managed....

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ADManager Plus: How to Modify Exchange’s Outgoing Mail Attachment Size

The project is tight. Time is of the essence. Reports must be completed and reviewed by end of day. Sue, the lead on the project,...

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