ADManager Plus, the Active Directory identity and access management solution, has been named the silver winner of “2012 Editors’ Best Awards” and “2012 Community Choice Awards” (in the Best Active Directory/Group Policy Products category) presented by Windows IT Pro magazine. (Additionally, ADAudit Plus was mentioned as one of the Hot Auditing/Compliance Products in this year’s Community Choice Survey.)

What makes this special is that ADManager Plus has won these awards for the second consecutive year. Once again, both Windows IT Pro magazine’s editors and readers have unanimously listed ADManager Plus in the Top 3 Active Directory/Group Policy products in the market.

With its annual Editors’ Best Awards and Community Choice Awards program, Windows IT Pro recognizes the best software products available in the market for the current year. For the Editors’ Best Awards, every year, a team of Windows IT Pro editors and contributors appraise software products from more than 25 categories, identify the Top 3 products in each category, and recognize them as Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners. For Community Choice Awards program, the magazine allows its readers to nominate and vote for their favorites.

The Significance of this Consecutive Victory…

A look at the basis of Windows IT Pro awards (taken from its website) would put you in a better position to appreciate the importance of this successive win.

“Products and services are evaluated on the basis of: strategic importance to the market, competitive advantages, and value to the customer.”

Twice, Windows IT Pro editors (non-arbitrary reviewers trying to assess the software’s value to end-users) and readers (users with firsthand knowledge about tool and its benefits) have expressed agreement on ADManager Plus’s proficiency. This is proof positive for ADManager Plus’s value and importance in this market.

Most importantly, by winning both awards again, we have shown that we are committed to providing value to our customers and that we keep our software updated enough to cater to the changing market needs.
Saving the Best for the Last: A Thank You!

We thank the editors and contributors of Windows IT Pro for recognizing ADManager Plus. We appreciate Windows IT Pro for conducting these awards program diligently every year, especially, for meticulously instating a product nomination and voting process for readers. And we thank the customers, who were thoughtful enough to find time and vote for ADManager Plus.

We’re glad that you stopped by to appreciate us. Thank you.

This is certainly an encouragement for us to stay more committed in offering the best to our customers.

To know more about ADManager Plus:

If you wish to try out this award-winning Active Directory product, you can download the fully-functional trial version here: ADManager Plus 6 Free Trial Download