Product Security Hardening is an option that has been added to ADManager Plus in version 7116. With this option, you can configure security-specific settings of ADManager Plus from a central location to strengthen its security.

Why is Product Security Hardening important?

Product Security Hardening helps users evaluate the security of their ADManager Plus installation. A Product Security Hardening score is calculated based on the configuration of each security setting and is displayed on the dashboard as a percentage. This score gives a clear idea of how secure the product is.

What are the security settings that can be configured using this option?

Using this option, you can:

  1. Enforce HTTPS: Ensure a reliable HTTPS connection is used between the ADManager Plus server and web browsers.
  2. Enforce two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of security when users log in to the ADManager Plus console.
  3. Change the default password of the admin account: Prompt the help desk technicians via in-product and email alerts to change their default passwords and use stronger ones.
  4. Enable CAPTCHA: Configure CAPTCHA settings to block technicians’ accounts after a predetermined number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
  5. Enforce LDAP SSL: Enforce LDAP over SSL, i.e. LDAPS, for added security in exchanging information between LDAP servers and ADManager Plus.
  6. Enforce secure TLS: Ensure that older TLS versions have been disabled.

We’ve fortified our latest build against potential RCE vulnerabilities. If you are an existing customer of ADManager Plus, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest build and leverage the Product Security Hardening feature to improve your defenses against security vulnerabilities.

If you need any additional information or face any issues in performing the recommended upgrade steps, please write to us at, call us at +1-312-471-2233, or connect to one of our experts via live chat.