Happy Turkey Day!

ADManager Plus | November 28, 2013 | 1 min read

A successful business, like ours, can never be a one-person show, but a star-studded, mega budget gamble! So, this Thanksgiving, we decided to thank the stars of our business.

Engineers For the passion you bring into the amazing products you build, which makes any marketer’s life ever so easy. Admin For the beautiful, clean, and pleasant working space we enjoy; no wonder we get “office-sick” after reaching home. Sys Admins For rushing to our rescue each time we mess up, which is almost every single day.
Designers For the sheer user experience magic you weave into our products. Marketers For beautifully presenting our products to the world. Support Friends For being there for our users, right from their initial evaluation.
Our Finance Team For filling our coffers, on time, every month. Managers &Team Leads For leading by example and bringing out the best in us. Partners For your trust and continuous support.
Our Break Room Staff For pampering us with good food and for keeping us awake with coffee anytime of the day or night.                                                    “And, of course” Our Customers For your longstanding association and continued encouragement.
Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂