ADManager Plus – Update

ADManager Plus | July 31, 2006 | 1 min read

It’s been a long time since I blogged. After the Release of ADManager Plus 4 GA on April 1st 06, our team is engaged in developing more features and enhacing the existing features requested by our users.

We are getting requests on many interesting features (some of which are in our Roadmap). We got more requests on these two features especially.

1.Naming Format Customization. User can customize Naming format as per their company policy. Example: FirstName +.+ MiddleName +.+ LastName, FirstName + MiddleName + LastName, etc.

2.Mulitple Login Feature. Setting different permissions for different users on ADManager Plus(can restrict users on ADManager Plus).

We have already completed the first one – ‘Naming Format Customization’ and have sent early access to few users. We have also completed ‘Multiple Login’ and started testing it vigorously. This feature should be available for use in ADManager Plus 4.1. Once this feature is up, users should be able to set various access permissions for individual users.

We will also be bundling ADManager Plus 4.1 with lot of useful features. Check out our Roadmap. We will be giving out early access of ADManager Plus 4.1 build, so people interested out there just shoot a mail to support[at]admanagerplus[dot]com. We will send you the link to download.

I thank you for all the useful suggesstions which you have been giving us so far, Please keep it coming.

-Senthil Nath