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The current sudden and forced work-from-home (WFH) situation has caught many organizations unawares. In fact, many are unprepared or underprepared when it comes to arming themselves with the right tools for a remote work model, leading to an increase in network vulnerability as users access data remotely. Employee productivity has also become a major concern among employers. Taking all of this into account, ManageEngine has decided to make AD360 free for organizations around the world.

 This is how AD360 can help you simplify your WFH security dilemma:

  •  With remote traffic coming from employees, a single loophole can lead to a data breach. To prevent this, AD360 offers complete auditing for every event happening in your network.
  • Users with access to critical data in your file servers need to be monitored closely. By keeping a close eye on user logons, file server activity, and remote accesses on host machines, any threat to data integrity can be quickly spotted.

  • Giving employees access to critical data when they’re working from their homes can increase the possibilities of insider threats. Sometimes, employees may accidentally give way to hackers through loopholes in the network, and your data could be at risk. Employ the user behavior analytics module to spot anomalies in the network, and prevent accidental insider threats and rogue employees from tampering with your data.

  • In case of a suspicious event in your network, AD360’s alerting module can notify you instantly via SMS or email. You can even automate script execution to take immediate action.

 AD360’s time sheets can help understand employee work hours

To improve your team’s productivity, you need to have a better understanding of your employees’ working pattern. Plot an actionable WFH schedule with our detailed time sheets of their working hours. These reports contain insights about employee idle time, active hours, and breaks, enabling you to measure productivity and take measures to improve it.

AD360’s auditing and reporting modules can help you understand and improve the security posture of your network, and help you monitor employee productivity. AD360 can also help with your organization’s identity and access management needs with features like password self-service, AD management, O365 reporting, disaster recovery and backup, etc.  

If you think AD360 can help your organization in the current situation, you can register here for a free license. You will also receive free technical support during this period.