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One of the primary concerns of IT admins when employees start working remotely is authenticating users. How can employees securely log in to their accounts while working remotely? What happens if users get locked out of their accounts? These are some of the questions that organizations are asking themselves when implementing work-from-home policies.

We at ManageEngine are aware of this situation, and in our efforts to help our fellow organizations work remotely, we are offering our IAM solution, AD360, free for 60 days for everyone. If your organization can benefit from leveraging an IAM solution, you can register here for your free, 60-day license.

So, how does AD360 answer the questions posed above? It’s simple: AD360 comes with multiple modules, one of which is the password self-service module.

With AD360, you can:

  • Enable your employees to reset their passwords remotely.

  • Let employees unlock their accounts by themselves without having to rely on the help desk.

  • Implement strong two-factor authentication methods such as email verification, push notifications, or Google Authenticator to secure employee logins.

  • Enable single sign-on for any SAML-enabled applications.

  • Update cached credentials to eliminate login errors due to stale passwords.

  • Ensure that users create strong passwords using stringent password policies.

AD360 isn’t limited to just password management and authentication. It offers a wide range of features we plan to cover in-depth in future blogs in this series. We’ll discuss how you can use AD360 to tackle other IAM-related issues that the remote workforce may present.

To help businesses run smoothly while employees work remotely, we’re making AD360 free for everyone for 60 days. You are also eligible for free technical support. If you think AD360 can help your organization, you can register here. We hope you are staying safe and healthy at home.