Efficient management of Active Directory and Exchange setup is crucial to the smooth functioning of an organization using Windows. Today’s Identity and Access management (IAM) needs of an organization pose a serious challenge to the IT administrators.

AD360 is an integrated solution that addresses many pressing concerns of IT administrators of Windows environment through a simple, easy to use interface. We have loaded this software portfolio with all the necessary features that addresses various section of IAM.

AD360 comprises of four components, each having a rich but unique set of features, as follows:

  • AD Management – Successfully automate crucial Identity and Access Management (IAM) tasks including user account provisioning / de-Provisioning. Also provides ‘On-the-fly AD Management’ and ‘Noninvasive AD Delegation’.
  • AD Auditing – Scrutinize every change in Active Directory, while ensuring the change is in conformance with the standards set by IT regulatory acts such as SOX, HIPAA and more.
  • Password Self-Service – Reduce costs by eliminating the biggest source of helpdesk calls – forgotten passwords and account lockouts. Let end-users reset their passwords, unlock their accounts and update their personal information in AD.
  • Exchange Reporting – Optimize your organization’s Exchange infrastructure with the help of over 80+ pre-packaged reports including reports on Mailbox growth, size and permissions.

By integrating these four components with AD360, you can get a complete solution for all your Active Directory and Exchange Management challenges.

Key aspects of AD360:

Comprehensive Dashboard for your AD and Exchange environment: View all the vital statistics pertaining to AD Management, AD Auditing, Password Self-Service and Exchange Reporting under a single-window.

1-click access to all the components with Single Sign-On: Effortlessly switch between the different components of AD360 without the need for entering multiple login credentials with Single Sign-On.

Seamless synchronization of data across the components: Synchronize all the essential data including ‘Domain Settings’ across different components at the click of a button and save valuable time from configuring settings for each component.

Automatically start all components with Single Startup: Starting AD360 will automatically start all the other components as well, provided the components are installed in the same server as AD360.

For more information on the product, visit AD360 Home page.

Excited about our new offering? Download the free 30 day trial of AD360 and give it a try.


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