A whopping 60 percent of cyberattacks are caused by insiders. This could be due to excessive access privileges, an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data, and the growing complexity of information technology. To make matters worse, traditional security tools take a month or longer to discover such threats delaying a response against these potential attacks.

An effective way for businesses to detect insider threats is to track user activity over time to establish a baseline of normal user activity. The baseline can help monitor for any deviations in user activity to identify potential threats. A major concern in threat detection, however, is false positives. These distractions delay breach detection, but can be reduced by setting thresholds specific to each user based on their level of activity rather than using a blanket threshold across the organization.

Unfortunately, detecting deviations from an established norm and setting thresholds that are unique to every user are tasks that are too complex to be performed manually by IT security professionals. So, how can organizations strengthen their defenses against insider threats?

Our white paper—Streamlining threat detection through user behavior analytics—talks about how traditional security tools can’t sufficiently deal with the constantly evolving threat landscape, and how ADAudit Plus can fill in those critical gaps. ADAudit Plus offers powerful security information and event management (SIEM) that includes user behavior analytics (UBA), providing a solution to effectively detect anomalous user activities that indicate potential threats.

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