Separately provisioning users in Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 is repetitive and inefficient. Other than complex PowerShell scripting, Microsoft doesn’t provide options for provisioning users for AD and Office 365 in bulk. User provisioning requires a systematic and streamlined approach, and admins need a single tool that can help them provision users more efficiently and securely.

Challenges in using native tools

When Office 365 is deployed in an environment that already contains on-premises AD, admins are burdened with managing both on-premises and cloud-based environments individually. This requires them to provision user identities as well as toggle between multiple native tools, but using native tools involves multiple, time-consuming steps.

Single-console user provisioning for Office 365 and AD

Instead of struggling with multiple native tools, use the tool that does it all. With ADManager Plus, you can create new user accounts in Office 365 and AD simultaneously using one web-based console. You can also provision Office 365 accounts for users already existing in AD in a few clicks. Figure 1 below shows that user accounts can be created in Office 365 by simply checking a box.

Figure 1. ADManager Plus also provides reports on Office 365 users.

The ADManager Plus advantage

You can manage both on-premises AD and cloud-based Office 365 environments from a single web-based console. Provision users in AD and Office 365, and assign licenses in only a few clicks. With its web-based console and predefined reports for both cloud and on-premises environments, ADManager Plus is a comprehensive tool to provision and manage your users. Download a free, 30-day trial and try out ADManager Plus’ features for yourself.


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