Group Policy is undoubtedly one of the most powerful features of Active Directory. It renders administrators a secure and stable platform to establish and manage settings for users and computers. So, whether it’s inadvertent or deliberate, changes in the Group Policy configuration can impact compliance and create security risks, paving the way for significant damage. Keeping a close eye on your Group Policy settings is therefore imperative to quickly respond to critical changes as well as streamline troubleshooting. But how much can native auditing help you in this regard?

The native auditing functionalities provided by Microsoft don’t scale well to complicated business environments, especially because troubleshooting and analysis consumes a lot of time. There is every chance for an easily revertible change to go unnoticed and inflict great damage due to the limited options for monitoring and alerting. The closest you can get to reporting Group Policy changes to administrators is using the Event Viewer to filter the security log. Though the Event Viewer has alerting capabilities, they fall short for business environments as these alerts cannot be targeted to granular changes.

Our white paper—Group Policy change monitoring, reporting, and alerting—talks about why native Active Directory auditing is not a complete solution and how ADAudit Plus can fill in those critical gaps. ADAudit Plus gives you a bird’s-eye view of all changes that are occurring to Group Policy, combined with reliable reporting and alerting mechanisms.

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