This blog will discuss the constraints of prebuilt reports and how ADManager Plus helps overcome these limitations by providing unrestricted reporting capabilities.

Prebuilt reports provided by most Active Directory (AD) reporting tools have a restrictive, one-size-fits-all nature. These reports do not allow for customization beyond most common use cases, thus denying the administrators the capability to produce reports based on their own requirements.

Even if an organization can use prebuilt reports, they may find that these reports generate too much irrelevant data, making refining these reports and pulling out relevant data a task in itself. To overcome these challenges, ADManager Plus offers the Custom Reports feature, which provides admins with nearly unrestricted reporting capabilities.

ADManager Plus’ Custom Reports feature helps admins define AD reports that are built to meet specific requirements. Admins can also set filters to create OU-specific custom reports for more efficient reporting. The filter conditions help admins to narrow down the results in the report to meet their exact requirement. The Custom Reports feature also helps admins set filters based on custom attributes created by organizations to meet their specific needs.

ADManager Plus also supports the creation of LDAP query reports. Admins can create a report with their exact requirements by providing their LDAP query while creating their custom report. Another advantage of ADManager Plus’ Custom Reports feature is that admins can categorize, save, and re-use their custom reports. Admins will not only save time by retaining past reports, but they’ll be able to categorize the saved reports, providing them with logical access in the future.

This blog is part one of a series about ADManager Plus’ Custom Report feature. Here we discussed how ADManager Plus’ Custom Report feature helps admins define reports that meet their exact requirements, unlike prebuilt reports. In the following blogs, we’ll discuss three use cases which illustrate how admins can tackle most of their custom report requirements using ADManager Plus: defining your own reports and filtering data to narrow results, creating reports to include custom AD attributes, and creating reports based on LDAP queries. Stay tuned!

Download our free how-to guide and video to build your own AD reports using ADManager Plus’ custom reports.

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