Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GP) are essential components of most enterprises, so it goes without saying that making changes to AD and GP should be done with care. Thus,over the next few blogs I will be covering common mistakes admins make when configuring and applying Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

As an IT administrator, you’re in charge of maintaining your enterprise’s AD, but when it comes to GPOs, mistakes can happen. The design of your AD and the location where a Group Policy Object (GPO) is linked is essential. A common mistake admins make is linking GPOs to the wrong location within their AD structure, which has negative results.

That’s why my first piece of advice for admins is to design organizational units (OUs) within your AD to incorporate how GPOs will be applied to users and computers within AD. There are two driving reasons for creating OUs in your AD design:

  1. Delegation of administration
  2. GPO application

Therefore, use OUs to ensure that you look at the overall AD design to help you apply GPOs in the right spot. Stay tuned for more blogs on common mistakes in GPO application.