During the course of their daily activities, IT help desks face several challenges. Among those challenges, the four most difficult are:

  •  User provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Delegation
  • Auditing and security
  • Monitoring an Active Directory (AD) environment

On the face of it, these appear to be mammoth challenges. With the right tool, however, you can cut through these challenges like a hot knife through butter. Let’s dig in to solving these tough AD challenges using ADManager Plus.

 Simplified user provisioning and deprovisioning

As an IT admin, you often find yourselves in hot soup when you receive instructions to provision or deprovision users in bulk. You’ll have to toggle between multiple consoles to get the job done, and you run the risk of making errors, especially while managing provisions provided to new users. Since the HR department is the point of contact for new hires, wouldn’t it be better if either the onboarding process was automated or they completed the onboarding and offboarding themselves?

 We hear you! That’s why ADManager Plus automates much of this process and reduces the chances of human error. ADManager Plus equips you with the following capabilities to simplify user provisioning and deprovisioning:

  •  Workflow: Configure workflows using ADManager Plus’ free license for unlimited workflow requesters, which allows any number of HR or line managers to take ownership of the onboarding/offboarding process and raise requests that will be assigned to the appropriate technicians. It also sends notifications to everyone involved in the process, helping them keep track of the workflow’s progress.
  •  Integration with HR databases: Create AD user accounts automatically with ADManager Plus’ integration with HR databases (Oracle and MS SQL). Accounts are generated with data from the databases and can be scheduled to occur at times specified by an admin. Use the user creation templates to configure various settings for users, such as Exchange properties, passwords, group membership, and more.
  •  Integration with help desk applications: Integrate your ADManager Plus with help desk applications such as ServiceNow and ServiceDesk Plus. These integrations help you create users, delete users, reset passwords, enable/disable users, provision group memebership, and more.

 Secure delegation of tasks

 Delegating in AD isn’t usually easy. Some of the difficulties faced while delegating includes painstaking permission assignment using ACL editors, over or under-provisioning of rights and permissions, elevating AD rights accidentally, and more. But it doesn’t have to be so hard, because you can use ADManager Plus to:

  • Confine delegation to only occur in ADManager Plus, without elevating user rights in AD.
  • Define user roles so that technicians are only allocated the tasks that are intended for them.
  • Delegate granularly, which allows OU-based role allocation to technicians.
  • And more…

 Exhaustive auditing and Syslog integration for airtight security

 ADManager Plus keeps a record of all AD management actions performed by technicians. This ensures accountability and plays an important role in security compliance. ADManager Plus’ integration with Syslog helps send the audit logs to SIEM applications, which can monitor your AD to detect any unauthorized AD management action.

Comprehensive report generation

 Monitoring every aspect of AD is of the utmost importance to every help desk—or at least it would be if it weren’t so tedious! Help desks normally have to write complex queries and PowerShell scripts and perform other monotonous tasks just to gather information about their AD components. Since monitoring is so important, we’ve made it easy for you with ADManager Plus, which lets you:

  • Use pre-canned and customizable AD reports to collect AD information instantaneously.
  • Schedule reports to be generated at specific times, with options to email them to any address.
  • Generate reports in multiple formats such as CSV, PDF, XLSX, HTML, and CSVDE.

Now that you know what ADManager Plus does, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Click here to download the latest version of ADManager Plus and overcome your AD challenges.

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