You sit down at your desk on Monday morning and the first thing you see is an email from HR asking you to onboard a dozen new hires. Isn’t that just a great way to start your week? Given the array of applications that have to be provisioned and made accessible for each user, onboarding users in Active Directory and making modifications to their accounts can be quite challenging. Since organizations will always need some way to onboard new staff, this is an inevitable challenge that’s here to stay.

Wouldn’t it be logical to find a solution that unburdens you from the monotony associated with back and forth form fillings, data validation, and long email threads? That’s not even mentioning the resulting employee downtime. One may think, “what’s the big deal?”—but there are statistics to show otherwise. A help desk technician spends an average of three to four productive business hours for something as simple and fundamental as user creation and modification.

Yes, we’re talking about a solution that can help make user onboarding a walk in the park. And ADManager Plus is just that. With ADManager Plus you can let HR handle the entire user onboarding and modification process, while you only have to approve requests along the way.

“Do what you love and delegate the rest!” 

Getting it right the first time
For help desks, the challenge in user onboarding is having an exhaustive checklist of things to do, with each task extensively dependent on inputs from HR. It would be a lot easier to have a single dashboard that lets you collect and validate all those inputs before rolling up your sleeves for all the data entry that is to follow. It’s every help desk technician’s dream to have a system in place where all they need to do is supervise and just watch every input translate into an action by itself, like magic. With ADManager Plus you can achieve just that and effectively cut to the chase.

ADManager Plus lets you have HR fill out a self-explanatory new user onboarding request form that prompts them to provide nothing but basic user details. Once they’ve submitted their onboarding request, ADManager Plus goes on to do the heavy lifting in the background. ADManager Plus proactively fills out relevant user data and also intelligently auto-populates other extended Active Directory attributes based on custom smart rules. The best part: these requests can transcend beyond Active Directory to accommodate simultaneous provisioning of user accounts in Office 365, G Suite, and Skype for Business.

Secure and error-free user modification
Reprovisioning user accounts is critical, detailed work. One wrong attribute modification can lead to a potential security violation or a policy breach in the future. The safest approach would be to carry out these modifications in alignment with a pre-approved checklist and to cross-check multiple times for accuracy. But while this is the safest way to modify user accounts, is it the best approach yet? Definitely not.

Alternatively, with ADManager Plus’ workflow module you can give HR access to a custom-built modification requests portal, where they can initiate informed change requests. Since the Active Directory attribute values are pulled right from user modification templates that you created, the whole user modification process is both foolproof and absolutely error-free.

Keep calm and approve
Now here comes the toughest part yet! As the last step, all that your help desk has to do is verify the request from HR for user creation or modification and choose to either approve or reject it. As you may have guessed, the technician can also modify the user object’s AD attributes right before execution if need be.

So help desks, are you ready to revamp the onboarding process?
Get unlimited licenses for requesters—and deeper insights into onboarding users in ADManager Plus—by registering here . Also, learn how to create a dedicated onboarding and user management portal for HR and start streamlining your Active Directory operations.

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