Custom attributes are the center of most LDAP queries for some organizations. Attributes such as EmployeeID and Division are often useful for user accounts, but are not available in Active Directory by default. These attributes may be added to Active Directory, however, when custom attributes are added, there is nothing limiting what can be a value’s input. This can cause significant issues when users input that don’t make sense and are nearly impossible to query.

Instead of having incorrect entries for your custom attributes, with ADManager Plus you can now create a list of possible options to choose from. This limits the entry to only a few choices, ensuring the LDAP queries will always be correct.

Create a preset list of options for custom LDAP attributes using ADManager Plus’ user creation templates. When building a template, you can include your custom attributes and then define the default values in a drop-down list, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Custom attribute default value drop-down list.

Now, when a technician uses the template to create one or more users, there will be options available for the custom attribute. This can help eliminate bogus entries and also ensure that future LDAP queries using this attribute return the correct objects.

If you want to leverage this feature in your Active Directory domain, you can download ADManager Plus here.

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