In the ever-changing world of IT, where security is so important, it is always good to use products that ride the wave of increased security. Organizations that delegate Active Directory administration need assurance that the delegations and access are secure. ManageEngine has done this by adding two-factor authentication to the ADManager Plus delegation feature.

ADManager Plus provides three options for two-factor authentication, as you can see in Figure 1:

  1. Duo Security
  2. Google Authenticator
  3. One-time password via email

Figure 1. Two-factor authentication in ADManager Plus.

These additional authentication options provide added assurance that the user accounts that are accessing Active Directory are legitimate and increase the overall security of your Active Directory environment.

If you already have ADManager Plus, please upgrade to version 6.0 to use two-factor authentication. If you do not have ADManager Plus and want to test out features that save time and increase the security of Active Directory, then download it here.


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