When it comes to Active Directory, March and April were truly active. I traveled over 50,000 miles to make 12 presentations in 10 cities spread over seven countries. Those two trips around the world taught me a thing or two about Active Directory, administrators, and the dedication that admins have to their jobs. I visited cities around the world, helping administrators understand where the Microsoft tools lack features and efficiency and where ManageEngine tools fill these gaps.

During my tours, I discovered that no matter what language you speak, which country you live in, or the culture you grew up with, administrators of Active Directory are all the same! When it comes to keeping Active Directory running, we all experience the same issues and situations. For example, I find that all Active Directory administrators have the same impressions of:

  • Auditors

  • C-level users

  • Co-worker admins

  • Users in general

Around the world just to serve you better. Try out ADManager Plus and watch out for us, your country could be the next.

With the operating system as the common denominator, the language and culture barriers seem to melt away. Since Active Directory is at the center of security, control, and access to the network and resources, administering the system is the same no matter where you are.

On the other hand, I also find that most organizations fight with the same issues that Active Directory directly and indirectly causes. I am not saying that Active Directory is a bad thing at all, rather that due to the fact that Active Directory is installed, there are certain issues that arise. For example, I find that most administrators of Active Directory would like the following issues solved more efficiently with Microsoft tools:

  • Bulk user creation

  • User creation templates

  • User modification and deprovisioning automation

  • Random passwords for new users

  • Robust delegation of Active Directory

  • Integration with AD, Exchange, Office365, Lync, etc.

  • Reporting of existing configurations

  • Change monitoring of AD

  • Reporting of historical changes

  • Detailed alerting of AD changes

  • Easy-to-access change monitoring archives

  • Easy rollback for AD deletions and modifications

  • Self-service password reset for users

I find that no matter the city, country, or language, all administrators of Active Directory have issues with the above list. This is a little troubling for me, as an Active Directory MVP, since many of the above issues seem to be “basic” and should have solutions!

I guess this is why I am so passionate about Active Directory solutions for my fellow administrators! I want to help all administrators be more efficient and effective. I also feel it is why I have latched onto the ManageEngine ADSolutions products so tightly. ADSolutions products are easy, cost effective, and efficient solutions to each of the above issues.

My fellow admins in Singapore, Sydney, Malmo, Stockholm, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, and San Francisco brought confirmed for me the ease of ADSolutions products over the past few months. I’d like to thank all of the admins who attended my presentations and gave me their attention, dedication, and time!

If you also want to discover what these admins around the world have discovered to make administering Active Directory more efficient and effective, I encourage you to download the free versions of ManageEngine ADSolutions at www.manageengine.com and see for yourself.