Intrusions threaten WLAN security?

wifimanager | August 19, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: Nithya Chandar

Security threats can take many forms and the most common of them is Intrusion.

It can take many forms , typically as Spoof of MACaddress, an airjack, Constant traffic or it may be even a client sending spurious traffic to threaten WLAN security.

I will explain a few of them here and how WiFi Manager can help you in securing your WLAN:

Beware of spoofing.. an attacker tries and alters the MAC address to that of an authorized device’s MAC and keeps sending repeat packets into the WLAN.

Another typical Intrusion Attack is Airjack, All that is required to carry out this attack is a Linux laptop, wireless client adapter based on prism II chipset and the Air Jack driver, using which raw 802.11 frames can be injected into the wireless LAN.

What happens when there is constant traffic attack, sometimes, inorder to deliberate overloading the AP , attackers may inject a lot of packets using wireless clients. This may cause non-availability of bandwidth for the other users in the wifi.

What you can do in WiFi Manager to be aware and listening to your network, is real simple. You can configure alarms to be generated in case of these intrusions just in a few clicks and instruct the method of notification. And there, you get alarms which can save your network from a whole lot of insecurities.

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