Validating Me

wifimanager | February 28, 2006 | 1 min read

We have been doing validation on our product for the last few days and the whole team has been pitching in – including me, a non-technical guy.

I started off because I thought it fun that I could point out others’ mistakes. Then others on the team – pure techies – started sending in their discovered issues. Woah 😯 they didn’t even look like greek or latin to me. So I stopped checking for mistakes because I thought whatever I find would be very minor.

One of my team mates approached me and asked me how far my testing had come. I did not want to tell him that I am stuck. “It is a great product”, I told him. “So no more validation or testing.” He then looked me in the eye (dramatics added) and said, “What you tell us is important because you are not a pure techie like most of our customers.” That is when it struck me – it is not about finding mistakes but putting my feet in the shoes of our customers, that matter.

These guys have a weakness. Since they made the product, they can think they have made a great product but it is only when they look at it from a third-person point of view, they start seeing the things they missed out. All this effort because when our product goes out there, our customers will be impressed. The satisfaction anybody can derive out of that is beyond words.

Our latest version for download is and is available at our website for download.

The version that will come out after validation, et all is 4.3. We expect a release somewhere in March. Will keep you posted.:wink: