I want more..but who is giving

wifimanager | February 22, 2006 | 1 min read

Technology seems to never slow down. It seems like yesterday when we thought 400Mhz was very fast. I remember my first computer – 450 Mhz, 64MB RAM, 4MB graphics card, 16X CDROM drive..man that was fast. Then came the 3D games (and Office 2000!!) and alas my baby wasn’t fast enough. Today I am not even sure if that PC exists in one piece :shock:.

These days we are talking about GHz, DDR, GBps and the works. But does it end here? We all know it doesn’t. Everyday someone seems to come up with need for more – it could be bandwidth or graphic capability or anything (I’m not even sure I know).

Innovation is the key. We can’t get tied down to what was yesterday. It will pass away and we will be left all alone. Today people are (I can’t say, slowly) moving to web based applications. Tomorrow God knows what. Without innovation, any individual, team or company will fade away. If the old adage said, “Survival of the fittest”, I guess the fittest, today, is the one who innovates most.