How to Respond to IT Issues in Real Time

“IT has always been viewed as a 24/7 organization, but we haven’t had the tools to be a 24/7 organization,” said Raj Sabhlok, President of ManageEngine, in his presentation, “Becoming  Real-Time IT Organization” at the 2013 ManageEngine User Conference in Las Vegas. Sabhlok launched the conference discussing how ManageEngine’s tools have been evolving to deliver real-time IT. How can IT organizations be quicker? How can IT organizations meet and shorten service levels through network management, server and application management, IT help desk and windows management, SIEM and compliance? The keys to real-time IT, said Sabhlok, are:
  • The right data at the right time
  • Not just any data, but

Effective Java Application Management just got simpler – a video overview

If you have worked with business-critical IT services, you already know how powerful Java Enterprise Applications can be. Java technology is widely used as the middleware on which the business logic of multi-tier infrastructures resides. Enterprises have a variety of application components running on standard Java application servers like Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat and JBoss, to name a few. Its clear that Java Application performance management has never been more difficult or more crucial; what with Java Apps running some of the most critical business application workloads. All Java applications, whether client-server or web-based, run on the Java Virtual Machine…