Apple and the Enterprise

The first ever computer for home use with a GUI was released by Apple in 1983, and was billed Lisa. Although Lisa was a failure, Apple struck gold when the iconic Apple II was released in 1984. Since then, Apple went on to make some of the most memorable devices, and has garnered a cult status for itself for good reason. As Apple grew in popularity, developers thronged to write software for Apple and the most notable among them was Microsoft. A few years later, Microsoft released its first major version of an Operating System named Windows 1.0. Windows was then competing with the likes of Graphics Environment Manager (GEM), VisiOn and IBM’s Top View, before it took off and found increasing support fr…

Story about John

Here is a small “”Once upon a time” fairy tale about a person named John- System Administrator, who had a nightmare of managing mobile devices. Just like any other fairy tale, even John got a magic wand – Desktop Central, to overcome the challenges of managing mobile devices. Watch the video to know how our protagonist was able to impress his boss and got some time to catch up with his girlfriend for a movie.…

BYOD: Boon or bane for enterprises?

BYOD … is the most used word you can find in articles and tech journals. Why BYOD has become the buzz word?  Let us take a look into the underlying merits and demerits of BYOD. By the end of 2012, Gartner has predicted that there will be 515 Million smartphones and 131 Million Tablets would have been sold worldwide. The market for the mobile devices only keeps growing and it becomes imperative for organizations to equip with right armor. Highlights of BYOD:
  • 62% of customers surveyed cite current or near term BYOD projects – Gartner
  • Mobile devices help enterprises to maintain consistent productivity
  • Benefits such as saving costs makes it lucrative for enterprise
  • Employees are able to manage devices the

ManageEngine IT360 Now Optimized for the Apple iPad

Hello all,   We have been talking about real-time IT and its importance in business for quite a while now. One of the most important aspects of real-time IT is continuous monitoring which definitely is not an easy task as it involves sitting in front of a computer roundtheclock to monitor your IT infrastructure. By integrating operations and service management under one console, with ManageEngine IT360 we successfully eliminated IT silos which previously existed in our customers environmentsMoving ahead with the advancement in technology, which has