Cisco ASR 1000 NetFlow configuration

The Cisco ASR 1000 Series router supports NetFlow. It supports both Version 9 and Flexible NetFlow. Below given are the configuration of Flexible NetFlow for Cisco ASR 1000 Series router Configuring Exporter
    flow exporter <exporter name>
    destination <ip address of ME NFA>
    transport udp <port number> Example configuration:     flow exporter me_nfa_analyzer
    transport udp 9996   Configuring Flow record The Flexible NetFlow netflow-original and netflow ipv4 original-input are predefined records and any of these two re…

Configuring Maipu routers to export IPFIX

While working with one of our customers who had a Maipu Router, we realized that we don’t have the router’s NetFlow configuration in our website and I am sharing it with you in this blog.   Maipu Routers are capable of exporting “IP Flow Information Export” in short IPFIX. NetFlow Analyzer will be able to analyze IPFIX data and thus resulting in monitoring of Maipu Routers.  Give below are the configuration that has to be done for enabling IPFIX on the Maipu device. configuration: router[config]# ipfix source serial0/0 router[config]# ipfix destination 9996 router[config]# ipfix template refresh timers 1 router[config]# ipfix template refresh packets 5

NetFlow configuration for Cisco XR 12000 and Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers

Cisco has been switching to NetFlow v9. This version allows for Flexible NetFlow export options thus giving the user a better hold on the information he exports and sees. In line with this, Cisco XR 12000 and Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers (with XR IOS) support Flexible NetFlow export which means the NetFlow configuration for these devices is not the same as you always had been doing. So here it is ! Note : The configuration for Cisco ASR 1000 series router is not the same as that of Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers.

Three maps have to configured to enable NetFlow on these routers
1) Exporter Map
2) Sampler Map
3) Flow Monitor Map Exporter Map:  router(config)# flow exporter-map NFAEM
 router(config-NFAEM )

Network Visibility using SFlow in Brocade switches

As the network grows, getting complete network visibility has always been a challenge to the network administrators. Brocade switches help the network administrators achieve this using the SFlow technology. Now having SFlow alone in the switch is not enough, you need a monitoring tool which can represent the data available in these SFlow packets in a graphical way. Here comes the use of NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow Analyzer helps in monitoring Sflow data from Brocade. SFlow monitoring does random sampling and sends the sampled packet to NetFlow Analyzer. Now lets see how SFlow is enabled in Brocade switches, given below are the commands: Below given commands enable SFlow monitoring on all interfaces of the

Why should you bother about Firewall Change Management

To secure your IT network, you need an efficient Firewall. To make the Firewall efficient, you have to tune it properly. But, even when you configure the Firewall to tune the performance, you have to be cautious. Check the configuration changes at every stage. Look out for conflicts. Audit the users involved. Overlooking any of these will lead to a gaping hole in the Firewall, which will in turn make your network prone to vulnerability. There are enough stories available in the industry. In many companies, because of a critical configuration change, there were instances businesses got disrupted for long hours. Subsequent loss of time to find out what went wrong. So, the sure short way to avoid all these losses a…