How can enterprises be mobile-first?

What is mobile-first, and how can enterprises be mobile-first? Enterprises that realize that mobile devices are primary tools for employees to get work done are referred to as mobile-first enterprises.

Enterprises are slowly but surely opening up to the idea …

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​Managing Windows Phone Using Desktop Central – Webinar

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Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s enterprises. And the Windows Phone operating system is gaining traction in many organizations, making Windows Phone device management essential for corporate data security. Managing these devices manually would be a cumbersome …

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Desktops vs. Mobile Devices: The Battle for the Future


IT consumerization is all the rage. Growing numbers of tech-savvy employees are bringing their smart gadgets and apps to work, driving trends from BYOD and BYOA to BYOx. While the mobile grass looks greener, we at ManageEngine wanted to better …

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BYOD 2.0: The next phase of Mobile Devices and their impact on enterprises in 2014


The rate at which technologies are evolving is so rapid that the current technology is becoming ‘a thing of the past’ within a few months of its introduction in the market. Such a quick trend shift happens a lot, especially …

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Ready to Master BYOD for Maximum Business Impact? Read Our Latest White Paper.

As mobile devices continue to replace PCs in the workplace, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in enterprise mobility. Today, smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and employees can access most of their business applications while on the go. Education, manufacturing, …

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“Managing Samsung SAFE Devices with Desktop Central” – Register for the Webinar Now!

With the worldwide boom in mobile devices, employees in enterprises of every size are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks. In response, the Samsung SAFE (SAmsung For Enterprise) initiative ensures the safety of work-related data by enabling …

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Desktop Central integrates with Apple Configurator

Desktop Central has taken Mobile Device Management a step forward by supporting Apple configurator for iOS. This feature requires devices to be connected to a USB dock that lets IT administrator perform tasks like configuring device settings, assigning devices to …

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Will mobile devices replace desktops in enterprises?

We  keep hearing new concepts around mobile devices every passing day. BYOD, BYOA, MDM, MAM etc. have become the buzz words of IT industry.  Are mobile devices slowly replacing desktops at work? Does that mean end of the road for …

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This Week’s Five: The Rise of Mobile Device Management

This Week’s Five is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic each week. This week, we’ll explore the developments in mobile device management.

BYOD is now the buzz word in the …

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How MSPs Can Monetize Mobile Device Management Effectively

The service industry is all about understanding customer needs and offering the best solution possible in a given situation. It is absolutely essential to understand the trends and the changing needs of the market to service the customers. One such …

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