Take our survey on Storage Area Network (SAN) monitoring

We have been working on enhancing our storage monitoring capabilities (SAN & NAS) as part of our efforts to provide better real-time visibility into application performance. We’re planning to roll out built-in support for major storage vendors like EMC, IBM, NetApp, Dell, HP and Hitachi in Applications Manager. That would mean keeping tabs on the performance of applications as well as storage devices from a single management console. A connector to ManageEngine OpStor was our first step towards this goal.  Now we want to take the next big leap forward, but we will need your assistance. Please take our 2-minute survey to let us know a bit about the storage devices in your environment and your SAN m…

Bandwidth Monitoring on SMB devices – NetGear along with Dell and DLink supports sFlow

We have discussed before on the uses of NetFlow or sFlow technologies and so, no introduction here ! Lets get to the point. Our last blog discussed on small business segment routing and switching devices like Dell PowerConnect series and DLink DGS 3600 series supporting sFlow export for bandwidth monitoring and traffic analytics. Another major player in this segment is NetGear and this device too supports sFlow export. Before we move to the very brief NetGear configuration, let me show you how sFlow can be enabled on DLink via GUI. Our blog link here has the CLI based sFlow configuration on Dell and DLink.
DLink DES-3528/DES-3552/DES-3600 Series: To enable sFlow on the DES 3528 and DES 3552 series, navigate to…

Expanding Bandwidth and Traffic Analytics to more Devices – Dell and DLink joins the sFlow Wagon

With more enterprises looking for bandwidth and traffic analytics, Dell and DLink are 2 relatively new devices that supports sFlow export. For those who are new to sFlow, sFlow is a sampling based technology where 1 in x packets based on the sampling rate configured is send to the analyzer software for traffic analysis. The sampling rates defines the interval for which packets are taken. For eg. if the sampling rate is 256, 1 in every 256 packets is send to the analyzer software. Based on the traffic in this 1 packet, the traffic for the rest 255 is constructed. In this post, we will provide the configuration to be applied on these devices to enable sFlow export: Dell Device sFlow Configuration :
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