Worm Detection Using Cisco NBAR

Recently I came across a interesting article about NBAR, that is it can classify Worms on the network. In most of the case, worms spread in to the network through email attachment or infected web browser.

Email attachment can be …

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Policing Live video traffic and monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

I hope everyone who had attended our joint webinar with Cisco about QoS Design and validation, would have got a better idea on how to design a network with effective QoS policing. For those who missed the Webinar, you can …

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Understanding IP Precedence, TOS & DSCP

People using NetFlow Analyzer wonder, what these reports DSCP, TOS actually means ? Here is the blog which explain more detail about these fields.

The NetFlow packets exported from the device originally contains ToS value on each flow. From the …

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Better QoS policies: Better Cost savings

Costeffectiveness is the common term that we are hearing or seeing nowadays and this exists in all forms on the globe, In this tough economic situation the motive of Network Administrator should be optimizing the current infrastructure for

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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer at Cisco LIVE 2012, London

Cisco has proved time and again, that it leads the market in both thought and action. Cisco LIVE, that started off as a networkers conference way back in 1989, has come a long way for more than 2 decades, as

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Effective Voice Traffic Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer

Voice traffic has spread its presence everywhere right from SMBs to large enterprises. Communication happens through VoIP at different levels right from customer support to teleconferencing to internal communication etc. VoIP has a major …

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NBAR and HTTP Traffic Classification

When I was thinking of next blog, I got an idea to do a deeper study on NBAR traffic classification and share some valuables over here. In this blog, I am going to concentrate on some Advanced section of NBAR …

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Prioritizing VOIP traffic in your Network

When there are no QOS polices applied on a network, there is equal priority for all traffic passing through the network. This is when congestion occur. Configuring QOS helps select a specific traffic to be prioritized, which makes this traffic

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Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing for better Traffic Management

Everyone would have seen me writing lot of NetFlow and NetFlow Analyzer related blogs, this time I thought of sharing few concepts about effective traffic shaping and bandwidth management. This topic is about Class …

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Traffic Prioritizing and Bandwidth Allocation using Custom Protocol in Cisco NBAR

We are into the final discussion about traffic prioritizing using Cisco NBAR. Before you start reading, I suggest going through this short blog on how to create custom application and protocols for Cisco NBAR. So, some things which we now …

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