The term “managed services” has become widely used as more companies and small and medium sized businesses are looking at IT outsourcing for more efficient network management and operations. MSPs have played a key role in helping businesses succeed by allowing them to focus on the core business, while they take care of managing and monitoring networks.

The MSP market has become highly competitive and retaining customers has become quite a tough job at hand.With each MSP having a diverse customer base and different service requirements, they are trying to adopt the latest technologies to offer value-added services to keep their customers satisfied.

One of the technologies that MSPs seems to have be readily adopted is “remote monitoring”.The preference for “remote monitoring” services comes as no surprise as the scalability, quicker-to-market and affordability factors make it quite an enticing option for MSPs.

One such “remote network monitoring” service is OpManager On-Demand that allows MSPs to remotely monitor their customers  networks 24×7 over the internet. It requires no additional infrastructure or installing of complex software, largely reducing overhead costs and enabling faster delivery of the service. OpManager On-Demand is also highly scalable, so MSPs can scale across multiple networks without having to worry about availability issues.And proactive monitoring ensures reduced downtime they will be able to detect and correct IT issues instantly, before they impact the network.

OpManager On-Demand will be the right choice for MSPs who are looking for an affordable and effective network monitoring service that will enhance customer satisfaction and might just give them a edge over their competitors.