The key to continued reliance

One of our long-standing, most respected customers sent this feedback.

We wanted to manage our network servers proactively. We desired a \”snap-shot\” of each server, with CPU, memory, and disk utilization—OpManager provided this for us. Overall, I have been

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OpManager reviewed by ServerWatch

The difference between OpManager and products like IBM Tivoli Monitoring is in the framework for rules and policies applied to the monitoring. Although OpManager has similar monitoring and trigger-level capabilities, it doesn’t embed them in a comprehensive policy-setting and event-handling

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Oh no, I kicked the laptop…

Who hasn’t experienced this? Laptop is running out of gas, and you manage to pull the chair near that plug only to forget it later, so you kick the cord as you walk, sending the laptop flying. Thud. There …

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Cisco wants to manage your networks and apps

Cisco has put out its desire to manage your networks and applications. The Network Application Performance Analysis Solution (NAPA) will compete against established NM frameworks. This move draws a lot of attention because size does matter. In this article Dennis …

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Mantras Vs Missions

Guy Kawasaki writes about corporate mantras Vs mission statements. Good one. But one thing that Guy didn’t stress enough, or seem to have left to be understood, is that mantras should reflect the already built image (perceived value) and …

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Happy 2006

This year..

our barns may be fullsupplying all kinds of produceour datacenters may be up

ensuring high app availability

our exchange server may live

keeping us connected

our networks may be up

keeping branch offices intact


our IT

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First law of information?

Sounds like the first law of information to me. Might look crappy to you…but that’s because of another law (relativity) !!

Info should always find you. The inverse is waste of time.

In real life we have come to expect …

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OpManager 6 Released ? Helps You Manage More

With release 6 you can manage a diverse set of devices including (but not limited to!) firewall, router, server, active directory, exchange, wireless, UPS, printer, and the desktop. And if you have custom IP devices that are SNMP enabled, you …

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Serving people with special needs since 1913 – is not just another OpManager customer. Woods is special because of what they have been doing for nearly a century – unparalleled service to mankind. Woods takes care of people with special needs who struggle with the following challenges:…

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