Whats needed to run a successful MSP business?

Affordable software? Right pricing model? Efficient team? Some help from God? Couple of BIG customers? Adopting the right technology? Avoiding age old contracts? Carefully written down SLAs?

May be they are all important; in the sense they help you stay …

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Switching from trusted advisors to MSP

For long, SMBs have relied on VARs and System Integrators for technical guidance. In 2005 SMBs spent $200billion on IT and without a doubt these spendings have a greater influence of the VAR/SI. When both the hardware and software vendors …

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Remote network management tops managed services list

MSPAlliance does a good job of surveying hundreds of managed service providers and publishing the key insights. Here’s one such report on the type of managed services offered by the MSPs.…

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OpManager MSP Edition

Am getting a little excited over the next flavor of OpManager- the remote network monitoring edition catering to MSPs. Been interacting with few of the early evaluators of this product and am amazed by their contributions. They simply attach themselves …

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Meet Mark Brody

This is probably the best quote that any software developer can ask for. Had it in my inbox for sometime but couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Thanks Mark.

“Last weekend we zip-lined 1,100 feet across a canyon at Whistler, …

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Network monitoring using music?

The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has created software that translates network and server activity into music. Meaning, your IT team will listen to a steady flow of music and when they listen a sudden string …

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The key to continued reliance

One of our long-standing, most respected customers sent this feedback.

We wanted to manage our network servers proactively. We desired a \”snap-shot\” of each server, with CPU, memory, and disk utilization—OpManager provided this for us. Overall, I have been

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OpManager reviewed by ServerWatch

The difference between OpManager and products like IBM Tivoli Monitoring is in the framework for rules and policies applied to the monitoring. Although OpManager has similar monitoring and trigger-level capabilities, it doesn’t embed them in a comprehensive policy-setting and event-handling

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Oh no, I kicked the laptop…

Who hasn’t experienced this? Laptop is running out of gas, and you manage to pull the chair near that plug only to forget it later, so you kick the cord as you walk, sending the laptop flying. Thud. There …

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