To ensure the stability, security, and efficiency of an organization’s IT infrastructure, network administrators must be able to manage and monitor network configurations on the go. Remotely managing network configurations helps detect configuration changes in real time and prevent errors before they escalate into major outages.

Introducing the Network Configuration Manager Android app. With this app, you now have the flexibility to manage and track configuration changes directly from your Android device. It offers a wealth of features designed to enhance your network management capabilities. Let’s take a look at the key features of Network Configuration Manager’s Android app and how it can benefit your enterprise.

Key features of the Network Configuration Manager Android app

Instant dashboard insights

Get a comprehensive overview of EOL statuses, configuration backups, firmware updates, and vulnerability severity. Stay on top of policy violations, recent configuration changes, and conflicts between startup and running configurations. The Dashboard also displays pending requests, recent alarms, and syslog message trends, ensuring you never miss a critical update.

Seamless device management

Manage device configurations effortlessly. Perform backups, update IP addresses, and handle device operations directly from your phone. Maintain control over your network devices anytime, anywhere.

Real-time change tracking

Stay on top of every configuration change with real-time alerts and detailed change logs. Compare current configurations with previous versions to identify and rectify discrepancies swiftly.

Proactive security monitoring

Identify and mitigate firmware vulnerabilities with ease. The app alerts you to critical firmware issues and exposed devices, helping you fortify your network against potential threats.

Grouped device oversight

Organize and manage devices in groups for streamlined oversight. Check compliance statuses, backup results, and conflict resolutions within device groups, ensuring uniform network standards.

Network Configuration Manager Android app

How can the Network Configuration Manager Android app benefit your enterprise?

  • Enhanced mobility: Manage your network configurations from anywhere, ensuring you stay productive even when away from your desk.

  • Quick issue resolution: Real-time alerts and comprehensive insights allow for rapid identification and resolution of network issues.

  • Improved security: Proactive monitoring of firmware vulnerabilities helps safeguard your network against threats.

  • Consistency and compliance: Ensure uniform configuration and compliance across your network with grouped device oversight.

Experience seamless management of network configurations by downloading our app today!

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