Hi All,

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts…before bringing up the next big release of Facilities we have done the hotfixes of our FacilitiesDesk 4.

Yes, the HotFix for FacilitiesDesk (Build No.4001) over FacilitiesDesk 4 is released. This hotfix build can be applied over build number 4000 and it is a consolidation of all the hotfixes over FacilitiesDesk 4 so far.

Following are the Issues fixed in this Hot fix:

  • In the Purchase Order feature the issues in E-mailing the Owner and the vendor are fixed.
  • Also the approval cycle issue is fixed in the Purchase Order functionality.
  • Yet another resolved issue in Purchase Order is that now the user is allowed to give email id , when Purchase Order is sent for approval.
  • The Holidays list is now editable & you can also do deletion of made list of holidays.
  • The issues in Merging & Splitting two maintenance request is fixed.
  • A column is now added in CraftPerson to include WorkTrade. Now you can have Work Trade in List View and related details and some edit related issues were fixed too in the CraftPerson.

There were many more issues fixed which are relatively less critical but put together will improve the usability of the product. Try out this Build and as always, we eagerly await the feedback – bats first, and the bouquets next 🙂

Feel free to mail your suggestions, views, and opinions about the product here.

To download the exe of the release click here

Thanks and Regards