Configuration changes, human errors and network availability

What happens when you face network outage?

No need to explain – the effect will be catastrophic as everything gets affected. Your employees will not be able to do their work; customers will not be able access your services and

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Get uninterrupted access to device configs using DeviceExpert

As business needs are in a constant state of flux, administrators who manage a large number of network devices are required to rapidly respond to business requirements by carrying out changes to device configurations.

DeviceExpert, the trusted Network Change and

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DeviceExpert to showcase the industry-first feature ‘device end-of-life management’ at Cisco Live, London

Large networks rely on a wide variety of switches, routers and other devices, and many organizations have policies requiring the replacement of devices to which manufacturers have assigned an end-of-life (EOL) status. At EOL, many manufacturers will no longer support …

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End-of-Life Management, a critical aspect of Network Management

If you are a Network Administrator, you would be managing a number network of devices from disparate equipment vendors. The responsibility of ensuring business continuity and reliability of the network lies on you. As long as the equipment works wonderfully,

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Role-based access control for device configurations, key for ensuring network security

The configurations of network devices are crucial from the standpoint of network security. The configurations contain sensitive information such as access credentials, SNMP settings, ACLs and others.

In multi-member work environments, network administrators often have to access and deploy configuration

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How fast can you add a new rack of switches/routers and deploy them to production?

Network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers have a profound impact on business continuity. When your business grows, your network also grows. In dynamic enterprises, network administrators often face the challenge of adding new devices and deploying

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Flaws in security settings of device configurations == open invitation to intruders

Assume that a department in your organization requests a temporary relaxation in the Access Control List (ACL) of a router in production to attend to an urgent business requirement. How do you handle this case?

Normally, in most of the

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Switch or router crash: How do you get the replacement unit up and running?

Planning for quickly recovering from the impact of unforeseen events is an integral part of planning for business continuity. If you are an administrator managing a large number of network devices, properly planning for disaster recovery is all the more

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How do you deploy configuration changes to production network?

Administrators working on production networks often face the need to carry out changes to the configurations of switches, routers, firewalls and other devices. The change could be a trivial one to modify a minor setting or might be a major …

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