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Self-signed certificates: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing

Things often turn out great when you do them yourself. But when it comes to signing SSL certificates, you might want to give that DIY project a second thought. Before digging deep into the risks of using self-signed certificates, let’s …

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Taking stock of your security posture after the Equifax cyber breach

Equifax, a leading credit bureau, was victim to a massive cyber breach a few months ago. Given that the attack was one of the largest breaches of personal information in recent years, you’ve probably already heard about it. But if …

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Begin your GDPR journey with privileged access management

The core of the GDPR is all about data protection; specifically, securing EU citizens’ personal data. However, the GDPR does not explicitly state how to achieve this level of security. It doesn’t recommend any specific technologies to help organizations maintain …

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Getting to know the GDPR: The technical and organizational measures

Before we jump into the third part of this GDPR blog serieslet’s take a moment to think about a few questions. Such aswhy are compliance mandates necessary? Are they framed to just prevent data breaches?

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The GDPR: Requirements pertaining to data collection

Welcome to part two in a four part blog series about the European Union’s GDPR. In our previous blog, we discussed highlights and FAQ on the GDPR. Now, let’s move on to the GDPR‘s requirements and easy

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Log management and SIEM fundamentals: Searching through logs and responding to incidents

Understanding what happened in a security incident and trying to analyze the root cause of an attack is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What would you do if you were faced with a security incident in your

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Log management and SIEM fundamentals: Mitigating security threats 

In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, we went over SIEM and its role in performing a thorough audit of your network. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to get into

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Protecting against Petya and other ransomware

As a security professional, which do you fear more: 1) explaining to your boss or CEO that your enterprise’s files are no longer accessible because they’ve been encrypted or 2) bungee jumping? I bet you and

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Log management and SIEM fundamentals: Comprehensive log collection and auditing

The first step in SIEM is collecting log data. Log data, as we saw in part 1, is what drives any SIEM solution. A SIEM solution should be able to process, in real time, large

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Log management and SIEM fundamentals: Getting started

Cyber attacks and network breaches can bring even the largest organizations to their knees. Recently, of course, we had the WannaCry ransomware attack, which not only highlighted the dire consequences of security vulnerabilities, but also reiterated the need

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