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What you ought to know about the common cybercrime techniques of 2016

2015 was the year of bold and sophisticated cybercrimes in Australia when major corporations such as The Commonwealth Bank, Target,T-Mobile, K-mart, X-box, Anthem Inc., and Slack lost millions of dollars in security breaches and lost data records. You can expect …

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Enhancing IT security with adaptive security architecture – part 2


In my previous blog, we learned about the basics of adaptive security architecture .We also learnt why enterprises need to focus on a more comprehensive and progressive approach to address their IT security risks.In this blog, we will learn

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Enhancing IT security with adaptive security architecture – part 1

adaptive-security-architectureAccording to a recent report by Deloitte, the average cost of a data breach to a single Australian business is more than $2.5 million per year. On top of that, the average breach compromises more than 20,000 records (accounts …

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Snapshot of success: Password Manager Pro helps Indian Internet service provider regulate privileged access to its data centers.

Being a triple-play service provider in India is no easy work. The bundled offering of multiple services (Internet, telephone, and television) calls for a sophisticated data center infrastructure that can handle the wide scale of operations, manage all services simultaneously, …

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Snapshot of success: Australian retail giant streamlines vendor access to IT assets using Password Manager Pro.

E-commerce continues to be a game changer in the retail industry. But the change isn’t always for the better. Along with its promise of enormous growth and competitive advantage, e-commerce poses scores of security issues, including poorly managed, third-party vendor

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Success Story: A Leading Bank in Netherlands Centrally Controls Privileged Access with Password Manager Pro

Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing cyber attacks, government and industry regulations prescribe stringent security measures for banking and financial institutions to safeguard customer data. With information security as the highest priority and tasked with the responsibility

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Combat Identity Thefts and Advanced Cyber Threats with Password Manager Pro Enterprise Edition

No one is safe out on the virtual streets of cyber world, and security breaches surface quite frequently to remind us of the same. Lately, the U.S. federal agencies are the  favorite hot spots for hackers. Two weeks ago,

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Microsoft LAPS:  Honest Obituary or False Eulogy to the Death of Passwords?

The famous Latin phrase De mortuis nil nisi bonum (Of the dead, nothing unless good) came to mind last week when Microsoft announced the release of LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution). Microsoft has been predicting the demise of passwords …

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How Secure Is Password Manager Pro?

Gone are the days when all you needed was a strong password to guard your data. Now, we live in an era where you not only choose a strong password, but also get a strong and secure password manager. A

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