Support your Customers in 140 Characters. Enjoy the magic of SupportCenter Plus and Twitter

Three years back, Jack Dorsey drew a prototype for short communication service in his flip-pad when he was working for Odeo, a podcasting company. I don’t think he would have realized it then that this going to be a rage …

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Enrich Customer Support Experience thorugh our SLA rules

Today’s customer support environment puts your company under greater pressure to reduce operational costs and offer business value by your support, your support process needs a service level management and automation of your SLA rules that can:

  • Shrink the cost of

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TMCnet talks about SupportCenter Plus

TMCnet identified the release of SupportCenter Plus‘ latest version. Now, TMCnet, talks about SupportCenter Plus’ salient making…

David Sims – a contributing editor for TMCnet has written an article about SupportCenter Plus. In his article titled ”Call Center Software”,

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Discussion Forums for Customer Support

 Dear Readers,

 I am happy to share with you the two new initiatives to offer all Customer Support Management Professionals couple of web platforms to share  their knowledge:

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Support Like Never Before…

I never wanted to write the clichéd quote on change again “Change is the only constant” but somehow I didn’t get a better one for this post. The makeover mania is all over the world. Yahoo got one, Google Chrome …

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You are welcome to evaluate us!!

Its undoubtedly challenging to select the right vendor for any software needed at work and its no different task in selecting a customer support software.

Its a daunting chore to get the checklist ready to evaluate different software in the …

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Why Computer Telephony is important in Customer Support?

Calling 26444444….(Local Yellowpages)

Tring… Tring..Tring..

Hi Mr.Sylvian, What can I do for you?

Boom…I was surprised to hear my name on the other side and literally forgot what I was looking for. And then I came back to my …

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A Change, Few Discussions & Merry Christmas

The Change

As our ManageEngine Brand is leaping ahead in the IT Management space, the ManageEngine team has taken a decision to change their support email addresses in synchronization with the brand name. So now on the Support email address

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