Patch Tuesday August 2020 fixes 120 vulnerabilities and two actively exploited zero-days

The second Tuesday of the month is upon us, and this translates to only one thing in the world of IT security: Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has released fixes to address 120 vulnerabilities, with 17 of them being Critical. With most …

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Patch Tuesday June 2020—The largest ever, with fixes for 129 vulnerabilities

Almost four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us have started embracing the “new normal.” In terms of IT security, this means a huge spike in cybercrime and newfound challenges in securing devices that are now being used for …

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May Patch Tuesday 2020 fixes 111 vulnerabilities

As IT administrators do their best to cope with business continuity plans, it’s imperative to understand and manage patch updates. With cybersecurity threats on the rise thanks to the pandemic making its rounds, understanding the Patch Tuesday releases and finding …

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Patch Manager Plus recognized as SoftwareWorld’s top rated endpoint protection software

Patch Manager Plus recently joined ManageEngine’s flagship unified endpoint management software, Desktop Central, in SoftwareWorld’s list of Top 10+ Best Endpoint Protection Software in 2020. In the platform’s review of several alternative tools, both ManageEngine products received a score of …

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Patch Manager Plus now offers support for drivers and BIOS updates

Support extended for Driver and BIOS updates

Among the updates that we ignore most are driver updates, and sometimes for good reason. There have been plenty of cases wherein a driver update caused more harm than good. This could be due to two reasons. One, the user …

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Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

CompareCamp is a trusted B2B review platform manned by leading industry experts that evaluate SaaS tools. It’s a credible source of SaaS reviews that provides tips, information, and analysis to help businesses select the right software.

 According to the experts …

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Microsoft pulls back faulty updates from February’s Patch Tuesday 

Were you among those sysadmins who devotedly installed all the updates from this Patch Tuesday? Well, buckle up! You may have to undo a few. 

February 11, 2020 was one of the biggest Patch Tuesday update rollouts, with fixes for …

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Microsoft’s February Patch Tuesday comes with fixes for 99 vulnerabilities

This Patch Tuesday, a total of 99 vulnerabilities have been addressed, making the February 2020 Patch Tuesday the biggest yet. As an early Valentine’s gift, Microsoft has provisioned administrators with numerous security and non-security updates to apply to their endpoints. …

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Unpatched zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer exploited in the wild

Barely a week after Patch Tuesday, internet security company Qihoo 360 has discovered yet another vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE), this time due to a remote code execution vulnerability in the jscript.dll scripting engine. The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2020-0674, is …

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