Securing your travelling employees with the latest updates is utmost necessary.

Travel is a constant factor for many sales and marketing executives and business development personnel. While they’re away from the office, these remote employees feel the effects of any technical issues much more strongly. Since these employees can’t just walk up to the service desk while away from the office, outdated software or connectivity issues could bring their productivity to a halt. When a remote employee is facing downtime, it’s the IT administrator who gets blamed for not properly managing that user’s system.

 Most IT admins would agree that regularly patching employees’ systems is a no-brainer. After all, many cyberattacks target known vulnerabilities in outdated software. With the right set of conditions, a few unpatched systems could even bring down an entire corporate network. Once a roaming user with an outdated laptop comes into contact with their office network, a patient attacker could seize the opportunity and exploit the whole network by remotely executing malicious code. Admins need to be proactive against issues like this.

So if we can all agree that patching is important, why are some organizations not applying patch management best practices to their remote users’ computers? Most likely, their patching solution doesn’t support patching remote computers. Well, the cloud edition of Patch Manager Plus is here to change that.

With Patch Manager Plus‘ cloud edition, admins can patch roaming users’ computers with security and non-security updates for Windows applications, over 300 third-party applications, and OS upgrades. No matter how long a roaming user is away from the office, Patch Manager Plus keeps their computers up-to-date by automatically downloading the latest patches directly from vendor sites.

Admins can also patch computers in remote offices via a designated IP scope definition. Patch Manager Plus Cloud takes care of any concerns over bandwidth consumption by having a lightweight distribution server. To deploy missing patches, roaming users (whether they belong to the domain or not) just need to connect to the internet and the agents on their computer will communicate directly with the Patch Manager Plus server hosted on the cloud. Get started today with a free, 30-day trial to keep your systems secure, even when they’re on the go.