Service Pack 4 Released for MEDC

SP4 for MEDC release

Service Pack 4 for Desktop Central has been released.

Service Pack 4 Download | Read More

Highlights of the release are

# Multiple user login support in Desktop Central with different access roles.# Folder Redirection

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MEDC Knowledge Base updated

Hi Folks,

ManageEnginge Desktop Central (MEDC) has updated the KB page. Just check this out and send in your feedbacks.

Knowledge base in the site

Link in forums



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4044 build update for MEDC

Hi Folks

Quick update on Desktop Central complete build release. The complete build version of MEDC with Build number 4044 has been release and is ready for user download from site.

Here is where you can make a download

For …

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Quick solution to protect Desktops from USB drive threats

Just few quick tips to protect the Desktops from the USB drive threats. These two registry settings can be impletmented through MEDC to get you the desired result. The registry settings can

Disable the USB drives from securityHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStordouble-click Start,

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5 tips for easy desktop management

Let me start this year with tips that make desktop administrator’s life easier. Here are the 5 important factors which can make the desktop management problem free

1: Preventive Hard disk maintenance of the desktop (simple chkdsk, cleanmgr and

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Multiple User Login Support

Since the Desktop Central is a web based software, got many requests regarding multiple user login support. It will enable multiple desktop administrators to use the desktop central simultaneously , it is one of the biggest advantages of the web …

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User Logon History Reports

Happy New Year !

User’s first question after initial setup of “User Logon Reports” is why the “User Logon History Report” is empty ? So I thought I can explain about it. The user logon details such as user name, …

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whats cooking?

Most of you might have heard about the upcoming releases of Microsoft products. Here is an update from my side

– Release of Windows Vista. i.e. Consumer availability of Vista will be in January 2007.- Microsoft Office System 2007

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Build 4035 Released for Desktop Central

Check out the Desktop Central download area for the latest build. Desktop Central’s download has been updated with 4035 build. Following are the main highlights of the release

1. Provision for Scheduling System Tools for client machines.2. Two new

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