UEM High Performer Fall 2019

Managing devices and offering the security customers expect is what makes ManageEngine stand apart in the unified endpoint management (UEM) category. Our UEM offering, Desktop Central, delivers a wide range of features addressing all endpoint-based challenges. Desktop Central is under continuous development and offers support to evolving operating systems, hardware, applications, and technology. 

G2, a respected peer-to-peer review site for the technology sector, provides genuine user evaluations of business software. Vendors receive feedback from the users who actually work with and know the pros and cons of the product. G2 also issues a category-based report called The Grid that ranks the vendor’s G2 scoring on their platform and their market presence. The four quadrants in a G2 Grid are Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche. 

Take a look at what one of our customers had to say: 

This program is nice and effective in software implementations and offers very good reporting; patch management is also very feasible. We’re able to use multiple screens and can transfer files in the background. We also like the remote control agent. Packages can be updated correctly. ManageEngine Desktop Central works very well in the implementation of complete sets of equipment. The remote connection tool requires very little interaction from the end user to achieve a connection. 

G2’s Unified Endpoint Management Grid 

This fall, G2 released its Grid for UEM, and ManageEngine was named a High Performer for the first time. Only eight vendors were honored with a mention in G2’s UEM Grid. Desktop Central received 41 reviews and was also listed the current Momentum Leader, as seen in the UEM Grid’s  “Trending View” (below).

UEM Momentum Leader Fall 2019

Why businesses are moving towards a unified device management strategy

Businesses are beginning to realize that utilizing multiple tools for IT management and security can be extensive and tiresome. Businesses can reduce operational expenses through an effective device management and security plan that provides a bird’s eye view of the network, identifies unnecessary server-client systems, decreases switching costs, and enhances IT security capabilities.  

What it takes to be a part of G2’s UEM Grid 

Being part of G2’s UEM Grid requires meeting basic eligibility criteria; moving up on the quadrant is based purely on user reviews and the presence of the product in the marketplace. The criteria are:  

  • Managing all endpoints, even when they’re mobile.

  • Supporting and securing configurations for business applications, Wi-Fi, and VPN.

  • Satisfying compliance standards including GDPR, CIS, HIPPA and ISO 27001.

  • Securing employee and customer systems from vulnerabilities and malware.

If you’re still not convinced it’s time to transition your IT management approach from client management (CMT) and mobile device management (MDM) to unified endpoint management (UEM), then consider that Gartner closed the CMT Magic Quadrant four years back and, after seeing the demand for UEM, introduced its UEM Magic Quadrant last year.    

Depending on your organization’s specific needs, you may need solutions that can combat vulnerabilities and will take care of browsers, endpoints, mobile devices, remote access, and data leaks.   

You can download Desktop Central to receive a direct flight to IT management. Alternatively, you can transfer and take another route to learn more about our endpoint products. The choice is yours! Discover more here.