The Business of Sports and Information Technology

An upset of epic proportions, the off the scale magnitude, the incredible happened this past weekend.  The Indiana University Hoosiers (unranked and my Alma Mater) defeated the NCAA #1 ranked team, the Kentucky Wildcats, on a last second 3 pointer …

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Have you hugged your IT person today?

I have been blogging about the importance of IT as an enabler of new business opportunities for some time. I change it up once in a while, but the underlying theme remains the same: New technologies can create greater efficiencies and new business models

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?An Introduction to Real-Time IT

According to most industry analysts, information technology (IT) spending will increase in the near-term. Businesses that have survived the Great Recession are now pouring money into cloud computing and virtualization technologies, mobile, social, and collaborative technologies. They view these innovations as game-changers that can

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Performance based IT Shop Part 3: Architect Level

IT problems usually need to be handled by the network engineer or Systems Engineer.  These people are the craftsman of the IT trade.  However, the solutions no matter how robust should be run through the Architect.  Every …

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Performance based IT Shop Part 2

Not all IT problems come under the domain of the network engineer.  In my previous Blog, I talked about IT shops having a hodge-podge set of tools.  There are various reasons, but the real