Threat detection and mitigation is one of the core responsibilities of a SOC. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, it has become arduous for security analysts to secure their network from threats. Hybrid work and BYOD policies are making it more difficult for SOCs to keep track of network activities.

Attackers continue to improvise new tactics and techniques to compromise an organization’s network. Further, with the growth of AI, it has become significantly difficult to detect and mitigate attacks.

On top of this, the current economic conditions require organizations to be strict with their investments. As IT teams continue to focus on leveraging their existing resources to meet the security requirements of their organizations, what they need is an exhaustive strategy to keep attackers at bay.

MITRE ATT&CK to the rescue

MITRE ATT&CK is one of the most exhaustive threat modelling frameworks in cybersecurity. This framework came into existence in 2013 and has been the go-to setup for security teams. The MITRE framework defines the tactics and techniques that attackers use to get access to a network. Further, the different stages involved in an attack are also exhaustively discussed, and the indicators that security teams should look for are also provided.

Another reason why MITRE ATT&CK will stand the test of time is that the framework is constantly updated. Since it’s a globally accessible database and it takes contributions externally, any information published will be firsthand. This will ensure that the information published is legitimate and can be trusted.

Interested in learning more?

In our upcoming webinar titled Threat hunting 101: Extend your threat detection and investigation with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, Esther, a ManageEngine cybersecurity evangelist, will be discussing how you can leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework to improve the threat hunting capabilities of your organization. Register now to learn how you can secure your network with Log360’s MITRE ATT&CK capabilities.

Raghav Iyer
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist