As the number of G Suite accounts in your organization increases, managing all the password reset tickets from those accounts becomes a challenge. If your help desk is spending too much time on password resets, technicians may begin to neglect other more critical tasks. Synchronizing employees’ G suite passwords with the ones they use for Active Directory is one of the best ways to eliminate this issue—all you need is the right application.

You need a solution that can:

  • Synchronize Active Directory passwords with G Suite in real time.

  • Restrict users’ access to the password synchronization feature based on their organizational unit and group memberships.

  • Force password synchronization for certain users.

  • Link Active Directory and G Suite accounts based on a single attribute.

Synchronize Active Directory passwords with G Suite in real time

You should look for a solution that synchronizes Active Directory passwords with G Suite in real time, as any delay in synchronization will lead to password inconsistencies. Ideally, your password synchronization solution should be able to synchronize Active Directory passwords with G Suite in less than 30 seconds.

Password synchronization based on OU and group membership

The password sync solution that you choose should give you the option to decide which users are allowed to synchronize their Active Directory passwords with their G Suite account.

Force password synchronization for certain users

To avoid manually checking for password consistency, you need to be able to force password synchronization for users in certain OUs and groups. For example, from an administrative standpoint, it might make sense to automatically sync marketers’ G Suite and Active Directory passwords, but keep G Suite syncing optional for members of the finance team.

Link accounts based on certain attributes

For better flexibility, you should be able to choose how accounts are linked between Active Directory and G Suite. Each organization’s IT requirement is unique and may favor different attributes for linking; this is why you should find a solution that allows you to choose the linking attribute you deem fit.

The ideal choice

ADSelfService Plus is a web-based, end-user identity management tool that supports real-time password synchronization with G Suite. The entire process of password synchronization between Active Directory and G Suite is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. The solution also gives you the choice to set synchronization policies based on OU and group memberships, as well as the flexibility to select an attribute for account linking between Active Directory and G Suite. Together, all these features help you maintain consistent passwords across Active Directory and G Suite.


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Thejas Sridhar
Product Consultant