[Office 365 webinar] Score a higher Secure Score

As you may know, the Office 365 Secure Score is an indication of how secure your current Office 365 environment is compared to the possible level of security that you can achieve with native features. If your score isn’t as …

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2018: A look back at what we’ve done in ITOM

2018 was a busy year for the ManageEngine IT operations management team. We tackled everything from major concerns like poor network performance, security, cost, enterprise growth, configuration management, and vendor lock-in to enterprise-specific issues such as providing uninterrupted connectivity to …

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The relationship between steganography and cyberattacks

There’s no denying the importance of communication. Businesses cannot function without the proper means of communication, such as phone calls, faxes, emails, text messages, and more. However, not all forms of communication are secure, meaning the information transferred by them …

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10 firewall best practices for network security admins [Free e-book]

The field of network security is rapidly changing. In 2018, a single data breach incident cost U.S. firms on average $7.91 million, while breaches in Canada and Germany were around an average of $5 million. With the current trend of …

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ADSolutions’ year in review, Part 5: EventLog Analyzer

Our product development team has been focusing on correlation and threat intelligence features, with the goal of thwarting external breach attempts. This year, we built new capabilities, strengthened existing features, and enhanced the usability of the product. 

Here are five …

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ADSolutions’ year in review, Part 4: ADAudit Plus

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, IT security has catapulted to the headlines in 2018. With every organization striving to secure their IT infrastructure better than ever before, ADAudit Plus has come up with just the right features this year to …

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ADSolutions’ year in review, Part 3: ADSelfSevice Plus

Just like our other ADSolutions products, ADSelfService Plus—our secure, end-user password reset management and single sign-on solution—had a feature-packed 2018. With ADSelfService Plus, you don’t have to compromise on Windows logon security, use only a few logon methods, or depend …

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ADSolutions’ year in review, Part 2: O365 Manager Plus

Office 365’s native tool has its share of limitations that pose various challenges to organizations adopting Office 365. For instance, the Security and Compliance Center retains audit logs only for 90 days, after which they’re purged. Another limitation is the …

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5 ways to ensure business continuity in the wake of network disasters

Many businesses today are built around their network infrastructure, which often requires frequent modifications. But these frequent changes can turn out to be the weakest link in their infrastructure. Any of these changes have the potential to cause network disasters …

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