Five worthy reads: Does your security operations center really make you immune to cyberattacks?

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we highlight the importance of following cybersecurity standards to build a solid security operations center.

Many enterprises are at …

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Bay Area User Conference promises expert-led sessions on all aspects of IT

Do you love your ManageEngine products, but aren’t sure you’re getting the most out of them? Have any burning IT questions that you can’t seem to pin down with an answer? Or maybe you’re just looking to gain some insight …

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Learn how password synchronization can benefit your organization [Free webinar]

When you increase the number of applications in your organization, you’re forcing your end users to remember more passwords. The more passwords end users have to remember, the better chance there is users will forget their passwords. When end users …

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Third biggest data breach in history emphasizes the need for the GDPR

The top two data breaches in history, when you look at the number of affected users, comes down to Yahoo in 2013 (3 billion users) and  FriendFinder in 2016 (412 million users). And now, joining this list at number three—as …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday April 2018 updates

Patch Tuesday April 2018

For this month’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft fixed 66 security issues. Luckily, in this round of updates, Microsoft didn’t find any zero-day vulnerabilities that needed patching, but there are a few major products still require updates to avoid remote code executions.…

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Lessons from data breaches that every enterprise should take to heart


“Four years later, Yahoo still doesn’t know how 3 billion accounts were hacked” read TechCrunch on November 8, 2017. The 2013 Yahoo breach is still as big as it gets. Since then, eBay, Home Depot, Target, Anthem, Uber, and …

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Learn how to protect your environment from ransomware [Free webinar]

Back by popular demand, the Everything you need to know about ransomware webinar will be held on April 12th. Whether you’re an administrator, analyst, or a CIO, ransomware is unsettling to think about. We’ve seen proof of this at our …

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ManageEngine wins Network Management & Monitoring Vendor of the Year at the NWME Awards 2018

The results of the ninth annual Tahawul Tech’s Network World Middle East Awards have been announced, and ManageEngine has won the title for Network Management & Monitoring Vendor of the Year once again—an award ManageEngine also won in 2016.


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The GDPR: Correcting data security negligence from companies like Facebook, Swisscom and L’express

Incident 1: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica data leak 

According to The New York Times, Cambridge Analytica tried to influence the 2016 Presidential elections in America. This was executed by using data collected from over 50 million Facebook profiles under the false …

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Password synchronization between Active Directory and Salesforce accounts

As the number of Salesforce user accounts increases within your organization, managing those accounts becomes a challenge. This adds mundane password management tasks to the IT help desk’s plate, steering their focus away from more critical tasks. Synchronizing passwords between …

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