ManageEngine CloudSpend is a cloud cost management tool that helps you reduce overhead cloud costs using actionable insights. The CloudSpend mobile application enables users to perform actions on the go for their cloud services from their mobile devices. 

CloudSpend supports AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services and is planning to launch GCP in the future. With the mobile application in place, users can perform actions like setting budget policies, creating alerts, viewing forecasts, and controlling costs at the Business Unit level. The CloudSpend mobile application is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded here.

Features in the CloudSpend mobile application 

Receive push notifications:

You will receive instant push notifications from the CloudSpend mobile application. Once you configure IT automation or budgetary alerts, you will be able to identify threshold breaches through these notifications. You can also receive notifications through your preferred channels using third-party integrations with apps such as Slack, Jira, and Microsoft Teams.

Toggle between dark and light mode:

The dark/light mode toggle enhances your experience with the mobile application. When your mobile device’s default setting is light mode, the application will be in light mode by default. It will allow you to toggle between dark/light mode through a single switch.

Manage Business Units (BUs):

BU-level budget policies and resource utilization can be viewed from the app, and it allows you to rightsize resources to help you save cost bleed at the BU level. Implement effective chargebacks in a multi-cloud setup by using BUs to group and understand cloud costs accrued by different teams, projects, departments, subscriptions, resource groups, services, and system- and user-defined tags.

Slice and dice with Tag Profiles:

Customize your cloud cost analysis with Tag Profiles. You can combine user-defined tags or Azure/AWS-defined tags and create tags for efficient infrastructure management.

Budget policies:

Set custom budgets for your Azure or AWS accounts, BUs, or any tagged resource to prevent unexpected costs. Drill down and analyze your cloud costs by adding filters like subscriptions, resource groups, services, resource types, user-defined and Azure-generated tags, and dates. You can also receive a detailed cloud cost analysis at each resource level.

Multi-currency feature:

The currency management feature enables you to view costs in currencies for 25 geographic locations for different transactions. You can analyze your cost account expenses or budget in your preferred currency.

Besides these features, the CloudSpend mobile application allows you to schedule and customize reports to be delivered to multiple contacts. The forecast feature lets you create a budget based on the forecasted value, and you can receive alarms to get notified about budget breaches. You can also rightsize your resources through IT automation.

The ManageEngine CloudSpend mobile app helps you to manage your cloud costs by adopting best practices, like implementing chargebacks, reserving capacity, and rightsizing resources—all on the go. CloudSpend lets you have control over your cloud infrastructure and eliminate cloud resource wastage in your multi-cloud environment through review alerts and notifications. Download the CloudSpend mobile app now. To learn more about CloudSpend, visit our CloudSpend homepage.