What Private Equity Means for SolarWinds Users

Well, that was fast. Less than two weeks after SolarWinds committed to reviewing its “strategic alternatives,” the review is complete and the alternative chosen. The winning strategy? Go private.

Yesterday, SolarWinds announced that it is being taken private by

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Time for SolarWinds Users to Explore Their Strategic Alternatives

Nothing like letting customers know they are important – until they are not! Recently, SolarWinds announced that it is “reviewing its strategic alternatives” with respect to the company. Here’s how the company’s CEO described the situation in its press release

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IT Security: The New Target for CEO Performance

As Gregg Steinhafel steps down as chairman and CEO of Target, we’re witnessing more than just an act of contrition for one of the largest and most costly data breaches — ever. We’re witnessing the evolution of data breaches, …

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Microsoft Under Nadella: Reimagining Mobile and Cloud, Finally

Well, the white smoke from the Microsoft CEO search chimney signaled this week that the company had finally selected a new CEO – Satya Nadella. The selection and the speculation about who would be named CEO of the venerable software …

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What VMware’s $1.54B Airwatch Acquisition Means for Enterprise Mobility

VMware announced an eye-popping, $1.54 billion acquisition of Airwatch, a mobile device management (MDM) provider. Airwatch, a private company, is believed to have had 2013 revenues in the $85-$100 million range, which puts the deal valuation at a whopping 15x …

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Smartwatches, Google Glass and the Wearable Technology Chocolate Box

At $8 billion in 2013 revenues (projected), the wearable technology market is nascent but promising. By 2017, revenue from these new devices is projected to grow to $20 billion.

Numbers like that are just one of the reasons I get …

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How Business Users Compete With IT Teams (And How IT Can Win)

Successful companies know the importance of technology in business today. Nearly every aspect of those organizations has been automated in some form or fashion, from manufacturing to sales to customer service and beyond, to reap productivity gains. What many companies …

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The Burn-Proof CIO: 5 Tactics For Surviving The Red-Hot Tech Sector

Technology is on fire. Technology-related sectors may have single-handedly pulled the economy back from the brink of disaster. A recent report by Ibis World reveals that 5 of the 7 fastest growing industries are related to technology. These industries are …

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Teens Fleeing Facebook? Who Cares?!

Facebook CFO David Ebersman recently admitted that the social network “did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens.” But given Facebook’s performance in the third quarter of the year, who really cares?

Sure, Facebook and its investors …

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Why IT Dollars Will Go Further on Google’s Floating Data Center

Is Google preparing another “moon shot”? The barge discovered in the San Francisco Bay this week hints at it, and rampant speculation has Google building a floating data center. Google hasn’t confirmed any ties to the barge, but …

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