The dark web can feel like a mysterious underworld, a hidden corner of the internet where there are no rules. It’s a place where stolen data gets traded, and cybercriminals plot their next attacks. Just because it’s dark, that doesn’t mean you have to be blind to the threats lurking there.

That’s where ManageEngine Log360 comes in with a powerful new integration for Constella Intelligence. This collaboration brings the power of dark web monitoring directly into your security toolkit.


During routine security checks, an IT security analyst discovers a surge in suspicious activity originating from an unidentified source. Further investigation reveals unauthorized access attempts, unusual network traffic patterns, and unexpected data transfers, indicating potential hacking or data exfiltration. As the analyst delves deeper, traces of the intrusion lead to a potential link with the dark web, a notorious hub for cybercriminal activity. This connection suggests that the breach might involve services, forums, or marketplaces hosted on the dark web, where cybercriminals operate covertly.

Fortifying security posture through dark web monitoring

Log360 is ManageEngine’s unified SIEM solution that works with Constella Intelligence to combat unusual threats like these, and provide real-time threat intelligence obtained from dark web monitoring. This intel seamlessly integrates with Log360’s Vigil IQ, the powerful threat detection and incident response engine. Vigil IQ then scans for indicators that match these threats by enabling proactive mitigation and providing comprehensive visibility into dark web dangers, including information on leaked botnet data and supply chain breaches.

Streamlining your incident response workflow

Triggered by these detections, Log360’s Incident Workbench automatically launches an investigation. This platform provides crucial context and an historical analysis of the threat. Upon identifying potential dangers like leaked credentials or exposed data, Log360 generates real-time alerts. Security personnel can then take immediate action to mitigate these threats, particularly those that exploit vulnerabilities within the supply chain.

Discover how Log360’s newest capability enables you to combat dark web threats proactively. Click here to learn more about dark web monitoring.

Benefits of dark web monitoring with Log360

Log360 empowers you to proactively defend against threats lurking on the dark web. Here’s how:

  • Continuously monitor for leaked credentials, exposed PII, and illegal data dumps associated with your organization and vendors.

  • Get immediate alerts on potential breaches, allowing you to swiftly investigate and mitigate threats before they escalate.

  • Gain early visibility into vulnerabilities within your supply chain, enabling preventative action to close security gaps.

  • Support compliance with data security regulations like the GDPR and PCI DSS by demonstrating proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information.
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