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Have you ever imagined listening to your favorite IT security expert discuss the ways you can enhance the security posture of your environment on-the go? Now you can!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our weekly podcast series where …

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Combating threats with UEBA: Health is wealth

In this four-part series, Combating threats with UEBA, we explore hypothetical cyberattacks inspired by real-life events in four different industries: healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and education. We’ll take a look at unforeseen security attack scenarios, and discover how user and entity …

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Keeping up with compliance regulations like the GDPR and CCPA – Free webinar

The EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are two of the world’s most prominent data regulations. Similar laws have been passed in several countries, including Japan, Thailand, and Australia. Still others, like India, are in the process of drafting their own …

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Zooming in on UEBA: Answering the “what” and the “how” 

What is UEBA?

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is a relatively new category of cybersecurity tools that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to detect abnormalities in the behavior of the users and entities that belong to an enterprise network. …

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Dealing with three pathbreaking scenarios under the CCPA

The “right to be forgotten” is one of the new rights consumers will have under the CCPA.

“I’d like to pay with my credit card.”

“Sure! Let me have your card. Could I also get your full name, phone number, …

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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 5: Integrated compliance management

So far in this blog series, we’ve seen how Log360 is simple to get up and running, allows you to receive a central view of multiple environments, provides deep auditing capabilities across these environments, and comes with

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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 4: Advanced security features

Part two and part three of this blog series gave a detailed look at Log360’s in-depth auditing capabilities, while part one explained how easy the product is to set up and use. But SIEM is about more than just auditing; …

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Five reasons to choose Log360, part 3: Comprehensive network auditing

In the previous post, we discussed the various environments that Log360 helps you audit and secure. Having established the ease of Log360’s use and the breadth of its auditing scope, now we’ll examine some of the critical areas it …

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