ITOM podcast Episode 5

The ITOM Podcast returns with yet another episode to help you eliminate all the remote work woes in your IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed in detail about the key areas enterprises need to monitor to ensure endpoint security, measures to adopt to ensure cybersecurity while rolling out BYOD policies, and the crucial factors that IT leaders need to know about in the post-pandemic era with respect to IT security. In this week’s episode, we’re going all out on network compliance in this era of remote work.

Needless to say, remote work introduces new dimensions for malicious actors to exploit while attempting to breach corporate networks. One bad practice that creates a prominent gap in network security is non-compliance to industry standards and internal policies. Given the surge in configuration changes and firewall rule updates implemented to accommodate business requirements during remote work, it only takes one erroneous configuration or rule change to negatively impact an organization’s network compliance and open up security vulnerabilities.

Considering how crucial it is for businesses to stay compliant to ensure network security, this week’s episode will be dedicated to helping you learn how to ensure network compliance to popular industry standards and internal policies in this age of remote work.

Tying up the loose ends to ensure network compliance 

In episode 5 of The ITOM Podcast, our subject matter expert, Cyril Emmanuel, will be shedding light on:

  • The need for compliance checks in this era of remote work

  • Major causes of compliance violations across industries

  • The importance of PCI, SOX, STIG, and HIPAA compliance

  • Solutions to help maintain network compliance

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