ITOM podcast episode 2

Gear up as The ITOM podcast returns with an all new episode specially tailored to help ease all your remote work woes in an IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed VPNs, their protocols, and the advantages of using a VPN in the remote work setting. Episode 1 helped set the stage for us to dive deeper into the nuances of VPN security and encryption.

Encryption helps transform confidential information into cipher text or coded text for safe transit across secure VPN tunnels. In this era of remote work, organizations have become more susceptible to security breaches and data appropriation. This is why strong encryption is essential and has become a parameter on which the security of a VPN is scored.

Considering how crucial encryption is for a VPN and how it defines its efficacy, this episode is dedicated to helping you understand the nuances of encryption and how it bolsters a VPN’s security.

Listen as we cover everything on  VPN security and encryption

In Episode 2, our subject matter expert, Cyril Emmanuel, will be shedding light on all the aspects of VPN encryption, starting from its inception and the processes involved to all recent developments that have occurred over the years.

Cyril will shed light on:

  • The three pillars of VPN security

  • Data confidentiality, and types of encryption and keys

  • Data integrity: Hashing algorithms and hash message authentication code (HMAC)

  • Data authentication: Validation of the source with shared keys, digital signatures, and certification authorities

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Vignesh Parthiban
Content Marketer